Gluten Free Rolled Oats


Uncontaminated Wheat Free Rolled Oats (907g)

Most commercial oat products on the market have been cross contaminated with wheat, barley and/or rye, which occurs during harvesting, transportation, storage, milling, processing and packaging.
Our wheat free oats are pure and natural.
Wheat Free. Kosher

Uncontaminated Wheat Free Steel Cut Oats (680g)

Steel cut oats are cut abit “chunkier” than standard oats for those that like a more textured cereal.
The oats are manufactured and packaged in our 100% gluten free facility and tested again to ensure their purity.
The roasting method enhances that wholesome, robust flavor you expect.
Wheat Free. Kosher

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At last, oats that people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can enjoy, too!

  • Made from oats grown by our cooperative of over 200 farmers dedicated to growing only pure, high-grade oats.
  • Each farm delivery is sampled hundreds of times and tested with an R5 ELISA gluten test to ensure the absence of gluten.
  • Advanced color-sorting removes undetected impurities.
  • Roasting enhances that wholesome robust flavor you expect.
  • Finally, the oats are packaged in our 100% gluten free facility and tested for gluten again to ensure their purity. Although a tiny fraction of the population cannot tolerate even the purest gluten free oats, most will find oats to be a deliciously welcomed addition to their diets. If you're unsure, please consult first with your doctor