Tasmanian Organic Wakame Seaweed

We now have stock of local Tasmanian Certified Organic Wakame.  We are packing is up in 50g and a value pack of 200g.  Larger quantities are also available on request.

This certified organic Tasmanian seaweed - the Undaria pinnatifida species or Wakame in Japanese.  This locally harvested seaweed is far less likley to be high in heavy metals though it might not be as beautiful and green looking as its Japanese counterpart that often has unhealthy artificial additives to give it more aesthetic appeal. 


Dr J.Helen Fitton - Scientist - "These versatile, abundant marine plants have been harvested for thousands of years and valued as both a food and a medicine. There is a long history of seaweed consumption in Asia, and the earliest mention of the use of seaweed in traditional Chinese medicine appeared in the 6th century AD."

"Today, the harvesting and cultivation of seaweed has become a major industry. Surprisingly, it remains one of the less recognised sources of food and medicine in our society."

photo & text from Seaweed - art meets science by Ian Wallace

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