Yacon Syrup Low GI Prebiotic

Yacon (YAH-CONE) is an Andean plant that is a distant relative of the sunflower.  Yacon is unique because of its composition of carbohydrates.  Most roots have a large amount of carbohydrates that the body recognizes as sugar (glucose).

Yacon, however, is a superstar due to it being a natural source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

Yacon acts as a pre-biotic and thereby helps the intestines to function efficiently and eliminate toxins and waste products from the body. It strengthens and activates the good bacilli like L acidophilus and B bifidum which in turn helps enhance our immune systems and helps suppress putrefactive pathogens such as Candida albicans.


It has these qualities because it’s comprised of long-chain complex sugars known as Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which are not absorbed and digested in the same way as short-chain simple sugars. FOS acts as a pre-biotic in humans, which means that it travels to the intestinal tract and provides food material for the pro-biotic bacteria there which work as part of our healthy digestive system. We all need probiotics to digest and assimilate food and thus gain nutrition. Prebiotics such as Yacon Syrup provide a good environment for probiotics to grow. Think of it like soil in a field: you can plant a seed in any field, but for it to grow and flourish, the soil must be of good quality. Yacon is an example of the quality “soil” which probiotics require. Many people take anti-biotics for medicinal purposes, meaning that our probiotics are constantly getting run down. If you have good sources of prebiotic material in your diet, then you’re going to create a really healthy environment for the probiotic bacteria to thrive. This is why Yacon Syrup is probably the healthiest sweetener out there.


Yacon is a useful sweet food for diabetics because its carbohydrates are stores in the form in inulin, which releases into the bloodstream slowly. Yacón has proven useful in preventing the following conditions:

  • Acne 
  • Colon disease 
  • Constipation 
  • Diabetes 
  • Low immune system 
  • Poor gastrointestinal health 
  • Obesity 
  • Osteoporosis


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Mesquite (MESS-KEET) is a leguminous tree that makes its home in some of the driest climates on Earth.

Mesquite is a traditional Native American food that has been used for centuries as a reliable source of nutrients in the harshest of climates.

Mesquite boasts:-

  • impressive protein content
  • solid variety of minerals
  • high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur
  • potassium, iron and zinc, and is rich in the amino acid lysine
  • low GI of 25 helps maintain stable blood sugar levels
  • Mesquite flour not only stabilises blood sugar but it also tastes great: sweet with a slightly nutty wild flavour and a hint of caramel. It blends well into smoothies or other drinks, especially those made with Cacao and Maca. 

Mesquite's combination of calcium and magnesium make it a great food for bone health.

Mesquite powder is made by grinding up the seed pods from the tree into a fine meal. Our certified organic, raw mesquite powder is dried at low temperatures and gently ground into a fine powder. It has a sweet, rich, molasses-like flavor with a hint of caramel which blends well into smoothies or other drinks, especially those made with cacao and maca.

When used in baking, the mesquite bean flour is used in combination with other flours – substitute ¼ cup-to-½ cup mesquite flour in each cup grain flour. Mesquite bean flour is used in breads, pancakes, muffins, cakes and even cookies

More info on Mesquite via Wiki Its invasive considered a weed!

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Hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp protein now available

Healthy hemp foods such as hemp seeds and hemp oil contain no drug or THC content and are very high in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids (EFAs). These essential fatty acids have been shown to link with conditions of eczema, psoriasis and much more. Read More about healthy fats

Dehulled hempseeds are the highest food quality and are globally consumed as a nutritional snack or used in making breads, sprinkling on muesli, in ice-creams and non-dairy milks.

In Australia, due to current legislation these hemp seeds are mainly used in body care production and in pet food supplements. There is a current application being held with FSANZ to allow hemp foods in Australia – the last western country to not allow this nutritious food. Join our mailing list (top bar) to be kept informed


Organic hulled hemp seeds are:

  • High in quality edestin (66%) protein (33%)  (though our Hemp Protein contains 50% protein)
  • High in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) in a long-term beneficial ratio
  • Very high in phosphorous (3 Tbsp hulled hemp seeds contain 45% of US RDA). Phosphorous works with calcium and is crucial for the development of bones and teeth as well as maintaining the pH level of body fluids.
  • Good source of B vitamins – particularly Niacin (B3), Thiamine (B1), Folate (B9) and vitamin B6. The vitamin B complex is essential for energy production, a healthy nervous system and good digestion. You may get up to 30% of some B vitamins just from adding a regular serving size (30g) of hulled hemp seeds to your daily diet. 
  • Great for pregnant women and healthy for children.
  • Gluten-free!


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Alkaline Water with Eko Crystals


What Does Eko Healthy Water Do? 

It simply helps to reduce acid levels in your body. Since it is highly alkaline it hydrates your body better than just normal water and provides major alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium) plus over 70 other trace minerals essential for proper body metabolism.  The body basically heals itself when alkalinity and the correct minerals are supplied.  The only way to get rid of acid is by introducing alkalinity to the body. Eko Crystals are an easy way of alkalizing and mineralising the body.

Neutralizes excess acids in your system. When acid levels are reduced your body starts to function better. Many health problems clear up when acid levels are reduced.
Changes the molecular structure of the water to increase hydration at the cellular level.

The water becomes super-charged with an organic mineral complex containing Calcium, Magnesium and 70+ other trace minerals

Each sachet contains billions of antioxidants.

Increased oxygen may lead to better energy levels.

Better hydration, better delivery of nutrients, better detoxification and a neutralisation of acids may lead to increases in energy levels.

Acid reduction allows better functioning of organs which makes you look and feel better. With noticeable improvements in hair, skin and nails.Weight loss is much easier when you introduce alkalinity to the body. Fat cells grow larger  in an acid body and shrink in an alkaline body. Eko Crystals may also reduce cravings.

Eko Crystals Make Eko Healthy Water

Step 1: Drop an Eko Crystals sachet into 750mL of water
Step 2: Shake for 10-15 seconds
Step 3: Allow 5-10 minutes for Eko Crystals to transform your water.

One Eko Crystals sachet will make 1.5 to 2 litres of top quality mineralised Eko healthy water containing an abundance of alkaline mierals plus 70+ trace minerals.

What Is Eko Crystals?

Over 200 diseases are related to over-acidity of the body. 
There is a simple solution. Make your body Alkaline.

• Eko Crystals help to remove acid quickly
• Eko Crystals removes chlorine from tap water
• Eko Crystals contains 70+ ionic minerals
• Eko Crystals hydrates

Eko Crystals Is A Water Enhancement 
And Purification Product

Eko Crystals works in a similar way to a tea bag, the content of the sachet is Ionic Coral Calcium, which is an all natural, organic mineral complex derived from the unspoiled water near the Okinawan Islands.

Eko Crystals are loaded with alkaline minerals. There is an abundance of calcium and magnesium in Eko Crystals along with more than 70 trace minerals. Minerals are essential for your body to successfully assimilate your vitamins and amino acids. Eko Crystals minerals are bio-available and bio-absorbable. 

The high content of alkaline minerals in Eko healthy water helps to neutralise excess acids in your system and provide better hydration. Better hydration and mineralisation allows better detoxification and delivery of nutrients at the cellular level.

It is essential that we all make ourselves more alkaline. To do this by diet alone is almost impossible. When it comes to drinks it is even more difficult. By drinking Eko healthy water it is an easy way to introduce alkalinity to the body. 

"Acid leads to pain, disease, and death; while alkalinity leads to better health and longevity." - 
Reverse Ageing by Sang Whang

Eko Crystals And The Healing Crisis

Eko Crystals start working immediately neutralising acids and detoxing the system. Some people may experience a healing crisis as toxins are released into the bloodstream. This is a good sign! It means that the product is working.

Symptoms of Cleansing
These can range from very mild to quite acute.  Depending on how acidic and how sensitive your system is you may experience slight headaches minor aches and pains, cold like symptoms, nausea, slight dizziness, sweating, diarrhoea etc.

Duration of Symptoms
These symptoms usually only last a few days.  If the symptoms are acute reduce your consumption until your body adjusts. Remember, this is a good sign, you are being cleansed.

If you are allergic to sea based products, be aware that Eko Crystals is comprised of highly active coral minerals from the sea which you may be allergic to.


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 How Do I Use Eko Crystals?

Drop an Eko Crystals sachet (do not open it) into our 700 ml bottle filled with non-carbonated water. Shake for 15 seconds. Allow 5-10 minutes for Eko Crystals to transform your water. Each sachet makes up to 1.5 to 2 litres of water. A 700 ml bottle can be filled up 3 times using the same sachet. Never mix used and new sachets together.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Sachets?

Used sachets can be dried out over night and used one more time to drink, then dry them again, open them, and sprinkle them in your garden.

What Minerals Can Be Found In Eko Crystals

Parts Per Million (PPM)

Aluminium 180 
Antimony .37 
Arsenic .38 
Barium 2.29 
Beryllium <.06 
Bismuth <.09 
Bromine .14 
Boron .182 
Cadmium <.1 
Calcium 391,000 
Carbon 119,000 
Caesium 20 
Chlorine 275 
Chromium .625 
Cobalt .091 
Copper 23 
Deuterium 150 
Dysprosium .18 
Erbium 5.19 
Europium <.1 
Fluorine .67 
Gadolinium .094 
Gallium .692 
Germanium .191 
Gold <.05 
Hafnium <.15 
Holmium .091 
Hydrogen 1100 
Indium <.06 
Iodine 1.22 
Iridium <.04 
Iron 510 
Lanthanum .323 
Lead <.08 
Lithium .66 
Lutetium .078 
Magnesium 4,190 
Manganese 26.9 

Mercury <.01 
Molybdenum <.08 
Neodymium 1.11 
Nickel <.08 
Niobium <.09 
Nitrogen <.005 
Osmium <.2 
Palladium <.025 
Phosphorus 94.1 
Platinum <.03
Potassium 32.5 
Praseodymium 2.73 
Rhenium <.2 
Rhodium <.02 
Rubidium .22 
Ruthenium .081 
Samarium <.05 
Scandium .049 
Selenium <.08 

Silicon 1280 
Silver .38 
Sodium 129 
Strontium 295 
Sulphur 1780 
Tantalum <.1 
Tellurium <.2   
Thallium 1.24 
Thorium .101 
Thulium .052 
Tin .198 
Tungsten <.09 
Vanadium .267 
Ytterbium .051 
Yttrium .461 
Zirconium <.08 
Zinc 2.51 
Titanium 5.88 
Terbium .091

What Are Eko Crystals?

A water enhancement and purification product that is highly alkaline and contains 74 active ionic minerals. The large content of alkaline minerals allows the body to neutralise acids in the body. When acid levels are brought down the body can rebalance. When this happens, many conditions improve dramatically and in some cases disappear altogether.

What Does It Look Like?

Eko Crystals come in a foil resealable bag. Each bag contains 10 sachets which look like tea bags.

What Is It Made Of?

Sango Coral.

If you are allergic to sea based products, be aware that Eko Crystals is comprised of highly active coral minerals from the sea which you may be allergic to.

Where Is It From?

Okinawa Japan. The Okinawans are the longest living people in the world. Their island is made of Sango Coral and their drinking water is highly alkaline.

DECT v ECO-DECT Cordless Phones - EMF

Most people would not want to have a cellphone base station located in their garden. But if you have a cordless phone, then do you realise you probably have the equivalent microwave radiation of a cellphone base station right inside your house?

Unlike cellphones, which poll for signals intermittently, most Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones are designed to poll for signals at full strength 24/7, even when you are not actively using the phone to make a call. Worse still, even if you do not have a DECT phone yourself but your neighbour does, the effect can be almost the same because microwaves travel straight through walls. And, of course, they radiate the same type of pulsed microwave frequencies into your head as a regular cellphone when in use (ever wondered why your ear gets so hot?).

Time after time, I visit the homes of clients who report a range of health problems or difficulty sleeping that can be traced to the DECT phones they are using. Sometimes all that's needed is for them to replace their DECT phones with good, old-fashioned corded phones, which emit no microwave radiation at all, and the change is pretty much instantaneous. For others, especially anyone experiencing poor quality of sleep, rapid or irregular heart rhythms, chest pains, or high or low blood pressure, then they may also need to drastically reduce their exposure to other forms of microwave radiation too. This means only turning on and using their cellphone/mobile phone when absolutely necessary (ie. a real emergency, not just for convenience), and using cabled broadband all the time rather than WiFi.

For many people, this may feel like too much of a lifestyle change, or too much of an expense, but it costs nothing to give it a go for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference. Most are amazed how much better they feel, and some report they are able (after taking advice from their doctor) to reduce or stop taking prescribed medications they previously expected to be on for the rest of their life.

So how can you check if you have a DECT phone that may be affecting your health? I use an EMFields Acoustimeter that is specially designed for the job and gives an accurate reading, but you can also get a fair idea from using a portable radio on AM setting. Turn the dial to slightly off station at the lower end of the AM frequencies, so that all you can hear is static. Then slowly bring the radio close to the phone when it is resting in its base station. If the static becomes louder as you move the radio nearer to the phone, then you have the type of DECT phone that is always on.

At the very least, move it as far away as possible from anywhere you spend extended periods of time during the day, and turn it off at the mains during the night while you sleep. Or, if you feel you absolutely must have a cordless phone, invest in one of the new ones that has an Eco-DECT setting and does not emit radiation when the phone is docked in its base. Some new models also have reduced level radiation when in use. However you will need to read the small print before buying, because some so-called ECO phones do not have either of these functions.

Eco-DECT phones have been available in Germany for some time, and can now be purchased in many other countries around the world (look for Gigaset and Siemens brands). I'm not recommending them, you understand. They just seem to me to be a lot less of a health risk than the old-style DECT phones so many people have lurking in their homes at the moment.

(Thanks Tony Bowring for the info passed on here)

More information
DECT cordless phones (and WiFi) causes heart irregularities
Low radiation DECT phones
Gigaset Eco-DECT phones

Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles

Kelp Noodles are a sea vegetable in the form of an easy to eat raw noodle.

Made of only kelp (a sea vegetable), sodium alginate (sodium salt extracted from a brown seaweed), and water,



Kelp Noodles are:-

  • fat-free
  • gluten-free
  • very low in carbohydrates and calories
  • rich source of trace minerals including iodine
  • unique texture completes the package

Their noodle form and neutral taste allow for a variety of uses including:-

  • salads
  • stir-fries
  • hot broths
  • casseroles


Kelp Noodles a one-of-a-kind healthy and tasty alternative to pasta and rice noodles.

Best of all, no cooking is required. Just rinse and add the noodles to any dish and they are ready to eat!

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Are your kelp noodles raw?
Yes. Our kelp noodles are a raw food. They do not undergo any heating over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

What do Kelp Noodles taste like?
The noodles are neutral in taste and surprisingly not sea-like, which lends to their versatility. Kelp Noodles can be used anywhere.

Why are the Kelp Noodles clear and not green?
When the outer skin of kelp is removed, the inner portion of the kelp actually looks just like our noodles. Try it out!

What is sodium alginate?
Sodium alginate is a sodium salt derived from brown seaweed. It is known to help remove heavy metals from your body.

What is the shelf life of Kelp Noodles?
Kelp Noodles stay fresh in your pantry for up to six months. After opening the package, simply store them in water to prevent the noodles from dehydrating.

Do Kelp Noodles need to be refrigerated?
The noodles can be stored at room temperature for up to six months without affecting its quality of freshness.

Do Kelp Noodles need to be cooked?
No. The noodles are ready to serve straight from the package. Simply rinse the noodles in water and enjoy!

Why should I eat Kelp Noodles?
Kelp Noodles are a great alternative to pasta and rice noodles. Our noodles do not contain any flour, rice or sugar and they do contain an abundance of beneficial minerals.

What are the benefits of kelp?
Kelp is known to aid metabolism, promote weight loss, boost energy, aid in digestion, promote scalp and hair health, and help with thyroid function.

Penna Organics First Tasmanian Organic Olive Oil

Penna Organics produce a range of seasonal certified organic

  • Vegetables - we love their mescalin salad mix
  • Myrtus Berries
  • Olives
  • & now Olive Oil


Penna Organics' certified organic olives are grown in the dolerite soil on the north facing slopes of the Penna Valley in south eastern Tasmania.

The olives produce an appealing full-bodied, robust extra virgin olive oil with a peppery finish.

It is enjoyable with pasta dishes, crusty  bread and in general cooking.

The oil is conventionally cold pressed from certified organic Tasmanian olives.

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Butter London Nails Polish hits Hobart

About butter LONDON

We Believe in Rock & Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion.
By transforming catwalk trends to custom nail colour palettes, butter LONDON has developed a passionate following. butter LONDON is the cult phenomenon of the nail industry and is fast becoming famous for our high fashion, 3 Free (non-toxic) nail lacquers and revolutionary waterless nail services. butter LONDON products are formulated without the use of the harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens. butter LONDON was the first company to sell non-toxic nail lacquer in the United States.

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Boody Bamboo Underwear

Why Boody?

BOODY Bamboo Underwear for Down Under — meets the needs of the woman who wants an undergarment that's fashionable, fits perfectly, feels fabulous, and doesn't cost the earth.

BOODY Bikini. BOODY Boyleg. BOODY G-String. Available in white, black and nude. Seamless. Machine washable.

80% Bamboo. 100% Boody.

The fabric In BOODY Bamboo Underwear has been specifically developed and contains 80% bamboo. That's why the benefits of BOODY are obvious every time you wear them.

BOODY absorbs moisture more efficiently than other fabrics and 'breathes' more than cotton. It's also seamless, silky-soft on the skin and doesn't creep or show panty-lines. 

Seriously good for you and the planet.

Bamboo is considered to be one of our most sustainable plant-based products — growing with up to 10 times the yield of cotton, and requiring little need for excess irrigation or chemical nasties to grow.

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Baltic Amber Necklaces & Bracelets

Amber has been treasured by mankind for millennia. Sometimes carved and always a symbol of wealth and wellbeing.  


Amber uniquely catches and disburses light, and some believe its glowing hues can ward off malevolence and help bestow calm.


Traditional amber magic invokes softness and serenity of the soul and infuses one with a sense of tranquility.  Even in perfumery, amber tones are those that are deep, warming and honey like in their soothing nature.


The ancients traditionally presentes amber jewels to young children to help protect them from misadventure and help ease growth, and especially teething.  Today it makes a beautiful gift, whose warmth can be radiated around them. 


Wearing amber jewels can be eye catching not only for friends but also for your baby and help enhance the bonding experience.  Gentle golden glows can provide a soothing and relaxed environment, perfect for nurturing your baby.  As the grow kids love amber too. Personal gifts of wealth and love can help to instil their sense of belonging and acceptance.


Amber is believed to soothe naturally, when Amber is worn next to the skin it is warm and it is reputed to release natural oils that can care for the skin. Amber is traditionally associated with sunlight and warmth and in European tradition is reputed to represent wealth, wellbeing and happiness.  This tradition makes it an ideal gift for adults and children alike.  Amber is not a stone and therefore warm to touch, as well as very comfortable and light to wear.  the ancient European tradition of children wearing amber as a protective amulet is well documented, wearing amber was believed to repel bad spirits that were thought to cause illness.  Today they are simply beautiful. Baltic amber necklaces are ideal for both modern day boys and girls to wear.


Amber is not a crystal and it can not be classified as a stone. Amber is petrified pine tree sap that is between 40 and 50 million years old. Captured within the sap are frequently found small insects, flowers, seeds and other remnants of prehistoric nature. These preserved life forms make Amber an archeological find worth studying. 

What is Succinic Acid?

Succinic Acid is another name for Amber Acid that has been used in Europe as a natural antibiotic and general curative for centuries. 

Natural Baltic Amber is high in Succinic Acid content and contains as much as 8 percent by weight. Succinic Acid is also a natural constituent of plant and animal tissues

Recent scientific research suggests  that succinic acid  has a very positive influence on the human body. It can improve immunity and  balance the bodies acids when absorbed into the bloodstream. It  can stimulate the thyroid gland, which may  help to reduce drooling and soothe red inflamed cheeks.

Amber's anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties are recognised by Allopathic medicine as a natural analgesic.
This will help to relieve teething pain and calm a baby without resorting to drugs.

In countries like Austria, Switzerland and Germany, Amber teething necklaces are commonly sold in local pharmacies as a mainstream treatment for teething. These pharmacists and doctors have long known about the healing properties of Amber, which  include,  calmative, analgesic, expectorant and febrifuge (anti-fever) functions.

Another theory is based on scientific findings which have shown Amber to be electromagnetically alive and therefore charged with a significant amount of Organic Energy. It's special attribute is that it is electronegative. Wearing Amber produces negative ionisation on the skin's surface. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the human body.  The negative ions  may assist in the prevention of illness. 
These health promoting effects apply to babies, toddlers, children and adults alike.

The soothing and calming effect of wearing Amber teething necklaces,which has been empirically observed, is based on a combination of all the factors listed above.

We are surrounded by all sorts of electrical devices such as radios, television sets, food processors, microwave ovens, hair-dryers, shavers, computers and mobile phones, which affect our own electromagnetic field. Modern research proves that we may protect ourselves by wearing amber necklaces or bracelets. When amber is warmed up it changes ionization, positively influencing our frame of mind and rebuilding the disturbed electrostatic field this enables us to again be full of energy and happy (the term “happy beads” is commonly used).

Ancient Egyptians actually used pine resin as an embalming agent, and in the Civil War, lacking anything else, would sometimes slap tree resin on a wound.

Where does Amber come from

Baltic amber means it is mined from the Baltic Sea which is found only in these places in Europe

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