Suncoat Now Accredited Cruelty Free & Winning Awards

suncoatSuncoat Sugar-based Natural Liquid Eyeliner is the Winner of the Best of Natural Beauty Awards (US) 2011.           

Suncoat has been given "Choose Cruelty Free" product accreditation. Now listed on the Choose Cruelty Free website.

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Eenee Compostable & Flushable Nappies

Introducing Eenee Compostables – the world’s first ZERO WASTE disposable nappy

They are:-

  • Tasmanian designed
  • Australian made
  • have won a Sustainable Cities Award
  • Keep Australia Beautiful Award in Victoria
  • 4 childcare center have used Eenee Compostables for over a year, all their waste sent for commercial composting
  • They are also the only product to have ever been endorsed by Compost Australia.


Eenee Compostables are the only nappy that can be included in the new Eenee Organics Recycling collection service for the greater Hobart area and it is an ideal way to divert this type of waste from landfill.


Available in three sizes, the nappies are used with a reusable gripper belt for babies or inside close fitting underwear for children and adults.


Your babies comfort and health are most important.

Eenee Compostables provide the very best of current environmental technology. 


You do not have to compromise convenience or absorbency whilst using these ZERO WASTE disposables. 

You demanded it, they have made it .... 

  • The super absorbent disposable ensures your baby stays dry. 
  • The breathable waterproof biofilm reduces sweating. 
  • The technology ensures no harmful chemicals. 
  • The design ensures a comfortable slim fit. 
  • The renewable plant based materials ensure sustainability. 
  • Their concern for the environment encouraged them to develop a disposable suitable for commercial composting, helping to keep them out of landfill.  



How to fit the compostable nappies on YouTube

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Weenees Baby Pouch Pants and Flushable Weenees Pads or Eenee Microfiber Cloth Nappies


Weenees Baby Pouch Pants and Weenees Eco Disposable Pads are the perfect alternative for families who want to use an environmentally friendly nappy that won't confine them to the laundry.

Weenees have the convenience of a disposable nappy while being flushable and compostable (and can be included in the Eenee Organics Recycling Waste service).  They are easy to use and easy to dispose of.   Weenees are a bit different to a normal disposables in that they work as a two part system (pads and pants), alternatively they can be used with rectangular folded cloth nappies or  Eenee Hi Tech Microfiber Cloth Nappies, they can even be used with the Eenee Compostables. 


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Cruelty Free Vegan Cosmetics vs bad 'Carmine'

Carmine Red LipstickHave just learnt what the ingredient listed as carmine is in luscious red lipsticks. Gals, do you realise we are painting our lips red with crushed female cochineal beatles, ie bugs! Yuck! This is what Wikepedia says: 

The cochineal (Dactylopius coccus) is a scale insect suborder Sternorrhyncher which the crimson-coloured dye carmine is derived. female cochineal Squashed cochineal beatle

From now on, we will be careful to only bring in and sell lipsticks without carmine @ City Organics. The ranges we already have like Inika, Claytime & MiEssence are all vegan and cruelty free. Make an ethical stand. Refuse to buy Killer beauty products that contain Carmine. We can still look and feel beautiful without causing immense suffering to so many beings, not to mention having a mouthful of crushed bugs. Frown

Grinding cochineal beatlesCochineal beatle syrup

Easter Opening Times

  • Thursday 21st OPEN
  • Good Friday 22nd CLOSED
  • Saturday 23rd OPEN
  • Easter Sunday 24th CLOSED
  • Monday 25th CLOSED
  • Tuesday 26th OPEN

Concert for Peter Cundall - For Pete's Sake

A Concert for Cundall 

For Pete's Sake

  • Jane Edwards 
  • Maria Lurighi 
  • Tom Vincent 
  • Brian Ritchie 
  • Edwin Paling 
  • Nick Haywood 
  • Richard Flanagan 
  • Arabella Teniswood-Harvey 
  • Arjun von Caemmerer 
  • Christopher Lawrence 
  • Michael Kieran Harvey 


Saturday, 21 May 7pM at Hobart town Hall. 

ticketS: $25, $15 tSo box office 1800 001190. 

Mother Day Gift Ideas

Some further suggestions : 


  • Tassie handmade soaps: variety
  • Tassie handmade choc truffles
  • Choc coated gojis, blueberries, strawberries
  • Envirosax roll up bags (various great designs)
  • little books of love & others
  • Miellierie honeys
  • Robinvale sparkling grape juice
  • puka (Love, Relax) & other teas...


  • Himalayan Crystal salt lamps and tea lights
  • Body Butters & Creams, handcreams, Massage oils (Spirit of Woman)
  • Essential Oil blends (Heart & Soul, Bliss, Sanctuary...), Electric oil burner or Vapouriser
  • Badger balms: Yoga & Meditation, Stress, Sleep
  • Jasper fairtrade Organic coffee (Feminno & others...)
  • Yoga/Wellbeing Magazine
  • Tassie Elderflower Concentrate (inc sugar free)
  • Inika Eyeshadows, Liquid lipsticks & other beautiful healthy make up
  • Sukin Gorgeous get away pack
  • Tas Tea sampler in calico bag
  • Putumayo CD's (joyful & Uplifting music)
  • Bamboo yoga/gym towel (various colours)
  • Various books on health, hormones & detox


  • Jasmin lipsticks
  • MiEssence Mineral Masks
  • Picnics in Paradise (Tassie) book
  • Moo Goo Anti-Ageing Cream
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps (increases negative ions)
  • Bamboo luxurious bath towel (various colours)
  • Shoping Trolley
  • Tea Pot with strainer insert


  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp (various designs)
  • Jasmin Luxurious body lotion 


  • Tasmania's table hard cover book
  • Springfield's Electric oil burner
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp (various designs)
  • Japanese style tea pot with strainer insert
  • Japanese style, stainless kitchen chopping knife
  • Jasmin organic perfume spray

$150 plus

  • Dr Detox electric footbath (Best used with Himalayan salt)
  • A really BIG Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp!! (good for larger areas)
  • Quality, Masticating juicer (keeps nutritional content more intact) Place Order with Staff

Easter Newsletter | City Organics

Our Easter Newsletter is up online for your viewing.

  • News Products
  • New Stafff needed
  • Easter Offerings
  • Mothers Day specials & ideas
  • My Kitchen Rules Auditions
  • New Gluten Free Flour Guide
  • Gluten Free Oats

Click Here for a web version

Gluten Free Rolled Oats


Uncontaminated Wheat Free Rolled Oats (907g)

Most commercial oat products on the market have been cross contaminated with wheat, barley and/or rye, which occurs during harvesting, transportation, storage, milling, processing and packaging.
Our wheat free oats are pure and natural.
Wheat Free. Kosher

Uncontaminated Wheat Free Steel Cut Oats (680g)

Steel cut oats are cut abit “chunkier” than standard oats for those that like a more textured cereal.
The oats are manufactured and packaged in our 100% gluten free facility and tested again to ensure their purity.
The roasting method enhances that wholesome, robust flavor you expect.
Wheat Free. Kosher

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At last, oats that people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can enjoy, too!

  • Made from oats grown by our cooperative of over 200 farmers dedicated to growing only pure, high-grade oats.
  • Each farm delivery is sampled hundreds of times and tested with an R5 ELISA gluten test to ensure the absence of gluten.
  • Advanced color-sorting removes undetected impurities.
  • Roasting enhances that wholesome robust flavor you expect.
  • Finally, the oats are packaged in our 100% gluten free facility and tested for gluten again to ensure their purity. Although a tiny fraction of the population cannot tolerate even the purest gluten free oats, most will find oats to be a deliciously welcomed addition to their diets. If you're unsure, please consult first with your doctor


Canidae & Felidae Natural Pet Food

Canidae & Felidae pride themselves on producing a human grade, high quality holistic, all natural pet food.

Using only the finest ingredients and all our products contain:-

  • No By-products
  • No corn
  • No wheat
  • No soy
  • No grain fractions
  • No fillers
  • are all naturally preserved!
  • Hormone Free Australian Meat



Canidae All Natural Dog Food Formulas

Canidae is all natural, human grade, holistic pet food with essential vitamins and amino acids, natural skin and coat conditioners, balanced Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, guaranteed viable micro-organisms and superior digestibility.

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Felidae All Natural Cat Food Formulas

Felidae is all natural, human grade, holistic pet food with essential vitamins and amino acids, natural skin and coat conditioners, balanced Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, guaranteed viable micro-organisms and superior digestibility.


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Casting Call for My Kitchen Rules

City Organics has been asked by Channel Seven to publicise the following to Tassie.

Channel 7 are now casting for the 3rd series of My Kitchen Rules.

We are searching all states and territories for passionate home cooks, who in teams of two will show off their culinary skills to impress Australia's favourite chef judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel.

If you have a love of food, a partner in crime, and an appetite for adventure, get in touch NOW!

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